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        1. 關于我們

          About us

           公司簡介圖片.jpg       廣州壹號實業有限公司是一家集設計、生產、銷售、安裝于一體的高端、精品裝修裝飾公司。


          Guangzhou No. 1 Industrial Co., Ltd. is a collection of design, production, sales.

          Integrated Decoration and Decoration Company installed in one.

          Companies in line with "one-stop decoration, faster, better, more environmentally friendly"

          Idea, to provide more cost-effective services for the demanders, the scope of service includes:

          Large and medium-sized office decoration, shop decoration, home decoration and other places decoration.

          Bring customers different from the traditional updating, faster and cheaper decoration options

          Choose, professional design team according to customer's decoration requirements, site area, to you

          Provide a variety of design options, a variety of products for customers to choose.